Friday, October 26, 2012

Staring down the storm...

So Hurricane Sandy is projected to slam the NE by early next week.  Mr. Liz and I went for some minor grocery stockups today.  I'm thinking we'll get some water "just in case" tomorrow.  Even though I'm hoping it'll all be a big nothing, I made the mistake of reading a blurb that likened it to the big storms in the early 90s.  And even tho I was a little girl, I remember those well!

I hate to play into weather paranoia (they're calling it "Frankenstorm"!  Really!) but I do want to be sensible.  So we'll put some things by, charge up torches and cell phones, and make sure relatives are ok as can be. 

In the meantime, here's a blog update!  The craft room has seen some serious action lately, what with my Halloween costume and its 1001 props.  I did find some time to do some smaller projects, such as a necklace and a mini wunderkammer:

This necklace started life as a vintage buckle.  I picked it up in a teeny little antique store in Key West while honeymooning.  So I had to find some special use for it.  I glued in a castle from a 15th century image (well, the 20th century art history text reprint)....

...backed it with some leaves for support, and added a pretty cotton ribbon left over from wedding decorations.  It's light and summery.  A bit late for the season, tho! Still, it's far simpler than many of my necklaces.  It still makes a statement, but in a subtle way, so it would be good for an office, maybe with some very small antiqued gold earrings.  Since it's such a fond memento, it is *not* destined for the shop :)

Almost forgot this fascinator!  When I was making the fan for my costume, I threw this together as a side project.  The vertebrae are too pretty to sit there unused, but their shape and delicacy limit their applications.  Luckily, they are good for headgear, since they won't be touched much.  I added in some peacock feathers (more wedding leftovers...that was the project that kept on giving!) and a rather pretty plastic button.  The whole thing is glued to a barrette, and looks darling.  This one needs a better photo shoot and an etsy listing!

One of my go-to craft blogs is The Feathered Nest .  Dawn has the loveliest projects, with a scrumptious neutral palette.  So I took some inspiration from her Victorian style and started this mini wunderkammer.  I was about to pitch this box, but it called to me.  It's cream and brown, and pretty sturdy.  The flower on top is grey and cream (a lucky find while purging!).  The objects on the "shelves" are tiny things I treasure.  They were just sitting on my bead organizer, since I like having them near, but I worried about them being knocked over, or falling into trash piles.  No more...

There's a vintage compact that belonged to my Grandmother, from the days ladies would "powder their nose".  Inside is a mix of tiny objects, with a miniature portrait of my Great Grandmother.  The medallion is my Mother in her graduation gear - she was so proud to earn her degree, and I was proud to go with her - even tho I was a little girl!  The corals are from Sombrero Beach in the Florida Keys, a few of many Mr. Liz and I scavenged.  We only took the dead bits that had washed up and bleached, leaving plenty behind for others to find....

This little bottle has a scroll with a line from E. E. Cummings' "i carry your heart", and it also contains itty-bitty fragments of the geode we smashed in our unity ceremony.

Finally, another chunk of coral, and some truly tiny delicate shells from Crane Point in the Keys.  One of the prettiest spots we went to the whole trip :)

Later on, when I find the right scraps, I'll decoupage some stuff on the "walls" to fill the space visually just a little more.  And the whole thing needs some pretty paper on the back to cover up the rough ends of the hanger.  But all in good time!

Now to fix up some dinner and make sure we have plenty of batteries, kibble, and candles!

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