Thursday, February 21, 2013

I needed a project...

In the course of setting up housekeeping, I found a still-boxed aerogarden in the living room.  I unpacked that baby and set it up this morning, right near my desk.  It's really Jetsons-looking, and I admit I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it.  Are you sure these pod things are going to grow plants?  This is like a Keurig machine for herbs!

Here's a pod with it's little "pudding cup" on top:

We'll see what chives result in a week or two!

After that, I got to beading and laid out a necklace I've been planning for a while,  The fleur-de-lis chain was a lucky clearance find!  I'm considering lace for the other side, since I've got a yen for fabric necklaces.

While I did that, all these earrings sprouted out!

That's always the way of the beadboard...where one project grows, more crop up like mushrooms.  Just as well this palette is pink and white and silvery, because I have a fairy ring of gems to make!

Yes, I'm full of caffiene and *everything* looks this sweet and syrupy :P

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