Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Far too much fun

So I learned about this thing called "Polyvore" about a week ago, and I've been hitting it hard.  It started with a modest "oh, let's post a photo of some of my jewelry and put pictures of clothing I like next to it!"  I've seen other jewelry artists do this before, to give a potential buyer some idea of what they could wear with a piece...

Things got fancier quickly, as I found it addictive!

Then I learned how to make templates and collages:

Things became more abstract:

And I'm hooked!  This feels like a more fun Pintrest.  Polyvore also makes me want to learn photoshop so I can do this with even more freedom.  But for now, it's a fun toy, and is keeping my mind off the heat and late summer doldrums.

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