Saturday, December 1, 2012

How to spice up a boring day...

Hair has always been the achilles heel of my look.  I've got really, really thick and wavy locks, so it seems a sin to complain about them. But I do, sometimes. As much as I love my hair, I can't do anything with it.  After a certain length, I can barely keep it in a bun, because of the weight tugging at my poor scalp!

So I've been cutting it shorter over the years, trying to make it easier to manage.  Since I'm in "pretirement", I don't have the funds at this moment to go for a regular haircut.  Last one was in May, right before my wedding.  I started trimming it up myself not too long after, to clean up the edges a bit and keep my bangs out of my eyes.  But yesterday, I looked in the mirror and realized it got to the point of looking like a mushroom.  It was time for something!

I've been flirting mentally with a pixie cut for ages, wondering if I had the gumption.  I googled tutorials for this style, and one of the first to pop up was Rachele, of The Nearsighted Owl.  Rachele's a proponent of the pixie for full-figured women.  What really got me tho, was that she and I are pretty similar in frame and face shape.  This made me decide!  If she could pull it off, I could, too!  So I sharpened my sewing scissors (the closest I have to real haircutting scissors) and I went to town.

I went from this....

...To this in an afternoon!

It actually didn't take that long.  I was in the bathroom, snipping away for about an hour and a half.  It's a little puffy right now, because the hairs have never not been weighed down, but I expect it'll calm down in a day or two.  

I felt a little nervousness as the first large lock hit the towel, but I was committed, so I kept going.  And it worked!!  It's great, I can wear regular hats now!  I have a vintage cap from goodwill I've never been able to get on my head properly, but now it fits.  My husband has more fedoras than any one man can wear, so I think I'll be borrowing some for the sheer fun of it. 

What fun this was.  Now to bundle up and go about the day's errands :)

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