Monday, December 17, 2012


The Kindle case project left me with a bunch of book pages.  I sat there and tore out chapter after chapter.  This book had been a freebie I picked up for wedding decor.  Better I use it for parts than have it hit the bin, huh?


These simply had to be used further, so I decided to make a paper flower wreath.  First I freehand drew 4 sizes of petals out for templates:

 Here there are, large all the way to little.  Instead of attempting something more puffy and elaborate, I'm going to have flat flowers.  Each bloom will have a charm or some beads for its center, easy to assemble with hot glue.  If the gods of spare change are kind to me, there will be some iridescent glitter purchased to put on the edges.  Extra pizazz is very important. 

I have a freebie embroidery hoop I'm going to use for the wreath base.  There will be a lot of flowers, since this was a several hundred page history book.  I'm cutting them out about 5 or 6 pages at a time to speed up the process.  This also ensures there's a little variation between batches to look cuter.  

This wreath will take a while, since it's tiring on the old paws to cut out petal after petal after petal!  But it's something I can work on here and there, like in the evenings when it gets too cold and quiet.  They're great to do when watching some old repeat on Netflix!


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