Thursday, September 27, 2012

Change of Plans

Ok, so a couple of days ago, I was all hot on tussie-mussie jewelry kits.  My prototype went well, but not well enough for me to continue with.  So what else?  I needed some small container for little earring parts.  I thought, why not make envelopes?  Goodness knows I did enough papercrafting for my wedding that I could churn out a template in a flash.

And I did!  I have 4 little earring kits, a pair a kit.  On the front, there's the ingredients, and on the back, a ribbon bow with a tag bearing the etsy store URL.  Not so bad for an hour and a half :)

I'll photograph the contents tomorrow when I have some daylight, as it's quite late where I am.  Also, my puppy dog has deemed it bedtime and who am I to argue? :)

Good night, everyone!

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