Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Wares!

Oh, what fun!  I've got a bunch of new pieces.  To be fair, they're old pieces that I finally finished, but they feel new.  Nice to see the artistic vision complete, no matter how small.

First up, there's an entirely new pair of earrings.  They're repurposed Kohl's earrings, pretty enough on their own, but I've been fussing with them for years.  Finally, they met up with a monocle and piece of jawbone and they're now fulfilling their true potential!

And here's an action shot - they're really light on the ears!

Now these, I can't wait to photograph more professionally and put on Etsy - glass and wood beads in that warm neutral/purple palette I love so much.  They're about 2 inches long.  Must remember to take measurements.

 Something new, stretchy bracelets.  My wrists are a little too broad to make these look nice on me, but they work well on the more slender.  I worried about too much purple, but this lavender was just too nice.  Now I see some loose fiber things on the smaller bracelet I need to trim before putting them in the shop.  A neat product is (hopefully) a sold product!  And a happy customer...

And matching dangles for either of the bracelets!

Royal purple glass beads and gold accents, slightly mismatched for the fun of it!  I like the asymmetrical look, but I try to keep it minimal to sort of ease people into the funkiness.

Another pair of newbies!  These sort of formed on the spot while I was working on other stuff.  You know when you're rummaging through bead drawers and you pick up the wrong color, go "damn", but somehow are too lazy to put them back, so instead deposit them on your bead tray?  Perhaps it's just me, then!  But I occasionally get nice mixes out of this, as with these aqua/gold numbers.

And lastly, another pair that was waiting in the wings for months, MONTHS!  All they needed was hooks. Can you imagine letting such pretties languish, unwearable?  I need to replace a couple of brass dangles on the amber one, but then they are good to go!

So there I am, with more lovelies to let out into the world!  Feels good to get back at the beadboard :)

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