Saturday, September 15, 2012

Holy Cow, I'm way better at photos...

I tried to record another instructional vid....a hot mess it was.  Not as much as my first, but I'm *way* more comfortable taking pictures and adding captions.  Gah.  I'll try it again at some point in the future, but I need someone else helping me hold/manipulate the camera. 

Anyway, I have two new projects that I wanted to get out there, that I will put up here on the blog.  The first is the "Doctor Moon Earrings", which astute observers will recognize from Doctor Who.  Yes, I just watched "Forest of the Dead" again (I've been on a Tennant/Tate kick) and, simply put, the Doctor Moon is a guardian for a very special little girl.  I won't say any more than that for the uniniated - no spoilers!

Anyway, I just like the sound of doctor moon - and a little time spent observing the heavens is pretty healing.  So that's what was on my mind when I came up with these.  I used a silver/lavender palette, and some iridescent coin beads to mimic our Moon.

I made this image extra large so you can see the supply list.  Here's a closeup of the prototype:

Laying out tools is very important - saves hunting later!  For these I used wire cutters, round nose pliers, and some slightly thicker pliers.  These are my go-to tools and can be found at any craft store or online craft retailer.

This is an image of the anklet I took the dangle bells from.  I got this years ago at a ren faire and never really wore it, so now it's being parted out.  These can be found by the ton at faires, or faire suppliers, and I often see a variety of mini bells at places like Firemountain Gems.

Speaking of supplies, here's the bead board:  From top to bottom we have iridescent glass coin beads, a lavender glass "pearl", a clear glass round bead, and a lavender tiny round bead.  I included the jump rings and head pin in the array of parts so you can get a better idea of how these are assembled.

I work from the bottom up on earrings, so I assembled the dangle first.  Make a simple loop on your headpin if it doens't already have one, then open and attach your jump ring.

Put the bells on, then close the jump:

And here you are!  

Next, put your beads on the pin, starting with the bottom-most ones:

Close it off with another simple loop, then add your final jump ring and your ear wire:

And there you have it!  A finished earring!  These are about an inch and a half long when completed.  If you choose other types of beads, your length may vary!

And there they are on a happy crafter!

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