Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tussed and Mussied!

Oh, have I got a swell idea!  I was nosing around a bunch of crafty blogs, and I saw advice on making kits for classes.  Now, I'm not in a position at the moment to try to teach a jewelry class, but I would like to lighten my bead load. 

I'm gonna make kits!  And they will be on Etsy!  And it will be grand!

I wanted a container prettier than a plastic baggie, as this is pretty much advertisement for my stuff.  So it has to be awesome.  I have a supply of scrapbooking paper I'm not using, so I thought "tussie mussies"!  At its heart , a tussie mussie is a small, conical bouquet of flowers.  It's a Victorian thing.

Googling TM's will find you a lot of wedding and crafts suppliers, and images of very pretty, highly decorated cones, often containing flowers or candies.  They're lovely and easy to make, and they look like fun to jazz up.  I'm going to head to the worktable now to make a prototype and see where it gets me. 

Hopefully this works out, since I really like the idea :)

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