Wednesday, September 26, 2012

While the Glue Dries....The Sunrise List and views from the studio

 I keep a little notebook with images pasted in to remind myself of where I'd like to go in life...


It was easy to put together: just pick locations that make yourself sigh with longing, especially at the thought of seeing the sunrise there....

A little book of dreams can keep you so centered!


Sometimes, I just collect words and images....celestial, silence, primordial...treats to the brain and tongue!

I try to do the same in 3d, making little islands of interest in my studio.  I keep the light low and the room cozy.  Each nook has somethign meaningful.  The little bottle above contains tiny seashells my husband gathered for me on our honeymoon, and the box to its right contains a mini photo of my great grandmother - I paired her with "The Empress" from a tiny tarot deck.

Even the lampshade must be beautiful!

I clean up my worktable so much that it looks a bit different now, but you get the idea of the magpie's nest where I work.

Sometimes I cannot resist a macro!

Beads get left out on display if their colors are especially beautiful...

I keep a portrait of Aunt Hazel in here.  She was my great aunt on my grandfather's side.  I never met her, so I only know her through stories. She was a Zigfield's Follies girl until she started her own costuming company.  She's one of the few female artists/artisans in the family, and certainly the only one (that I can think of) that made her living creatively.  She's a real inspiration!

I keep the finished products up on the walls so they don't tangle in drawers and trays...they're also instant decor!

 Small details mean so much....

There must be wild life in every room, even if it's pressed and dried to suit my inner Victorian!  I keep a summer's worth of pressed flowers in a journal that's never far from where make or write:

And, a parting piece of advice:

Always ask this before attempting anything :)

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